Barcelona, 2019

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Contemporary living for pets

We propose a series of products of simple lines, based on our own experience as interior designers and architects, that is, using the same materials and fabrics that are commonly used for the manufacture of contemporary and quality furniture, taking into account not only their aesthetics, but also its resistance and functionality.

Good and nice for us and for them too!

Sustainable production

Another objective, and no less important, is the sustainability of the project. We try to ensure that our suppliers have good policies for sustainable production or even take direct action on some of our products, such as replacing plastic with biodegradable materials, ceramics with recycled polyester or wood with recycled paper panels. A better planet for us and for them!

Beds and pillows

Beds and pillows with 100% acrylic fabrics resistant to UV discoloration and anti-stain coating.
Memory foam filling and viscoelastic foam to offer a complete rest (it has been used in human medicine for years because it adapts perfectly to the body).

Line and Pavilion

LINE, is a decorative accessory that transforms any bed into a cozy "tipi" instantly.
Inspired by minimalist sculptures, it consists of a metal structure with a textile that simply leans on it.

Inspired by modern architecture, PAVILION is both, an auxiliary furniture for you and the refuge of your inseparable friend.
Made with 100% rigid and resistant recycled wooden panels and with details that simulate the terrazzo but made with recycled polyester and 100% recyclable. It is complemented with two pet bowls and a bed.


Pet bowls and feeders

Pet bowls

The dishes are made of bamboo fiber coated with melamine suitable for food use. When you and your pet get tired of the dish over the years do not worry because the product is 100% biodegradable.
To complete the product you can choose two types of support, recycled acrylic stone or recycled wooden panel.

Collars and leashes

The collars and leashes are made with Kvadrat fabric, a leading brand in textile design, making them exclusive products. Complies with the EU Ecolabel.

All our collections are made in Barcelona.