CosmoCaixa Barcelona, 2018


Fundació La Caixa commissioned us to redefine the design of the existing exhibition "Robots". Currently the exhibition has five thematic areas which present an "industrial" or "aseptic" setting. A first intention for the rethinking of this exhibition is to continue with the industrial language but from a different point of view, not so much because of the environment in which the work of the robot is hypothetically developed, but from the material essence of the robot, mechanism or machine: Metal, plastic, its joints and elements.

Materials for industrial use

"Easy-to-access" industrial construction materials at affordable prices are proposed, also complying with the requirement to make the proposal economically viable.
The main materials proposed are the corrugated sheet, the perforated sheet, the metal profile and the corrugated sheet of fiberglass. The corrugated sheet has different shapes with which different textures and rhythms can be given. Likewise, holes in the perforated sheet can be used to create graphic patterns. The Fiberglass transparency can be used to create lighting effects.

The color

In order to counteract an overly simplistic effect, color and composition with its own texture will play an important role in the design. The manufacture of the furniture will also comply with the requirement to use profiles and industrial materials. In addition to providing vitality the color will be used as a guiding thread in the narrative. Each area will be represented with a color within a spectrum that goes from the cold of the tool or the machine to the warmth of the long-awaited soul of the droid or artificial intelligence.