Parlem de drogues

Itinerante, 2009


"Parlem de drogues" of La Caixa Foundation is an itinerant exhibition of about 100m2 dealing with drugs consumption. As itinerant, he presented the challenge of creating a collapsible and foldable structure inside the container of a truck.

Perception plays an important role when referring to drugs in an abstract sense. As such, the sense of distortion of reality has been enhanced as a constructive metaphor. The truth (the metallic structure and the devices that are protected in it) is covered with a layer that clouds the vision (the coating of the same is a crystalline skin that gets muddled as it advances). The objective is to achieve a transparent space thanks to the transparency of all the walls, whose exposed installations may or may not be visible thanks to a film that changes its opacity depending on the angle of vision.

The object, the reflection, the transparency and the distortion.

To support the speech of the exhibition, the pavement is a grid that deforms and even goes up the walls in a small section, when talking about the effects of drugs. The use of the grid has to do with the rationality of things, but it also figures within the student imagery, the segment of visitors to which the exhibition is focused. Said rationality or geometrization, is transferred to all the walls and furniture by highlighting the edges, which, accompanied by their partial transparency, would appear as a three-dimensional diagram.