Offices Prat International Brands

Valls, Tarragona, 2018


The basis of the implementation is to create a mostly open environment taking advantage of natural lighting. In the central space it has been decided to create an agora. To create a "hole" effect mirrored finish panels are placed for giving deep into the space. Geometry represents identity, a large corporate LED screen invites the visitor to know the company and the color of the branding can be represented in a subtle way through light and images.

It is a space that invites to group and is placed in the heart of the building. Including an element such as the large format slide gives theatricality and freshness to the environment.

The color and furniture

To identify each space as working, generating ideas areas, eating or training, color can be used. Applied to textiles, window profiles but always as a detail accompanied by more neutral and not too invasive colors.
For the made to measure furniture, the multifunction must be sought. As for the finishes, combinations of different types of wood and derivatives that recall the packaging material.

Work furniture

The proposed work furniture includes brands and distributors specialized in office facilities but without neglecting the flexibility - high functionality - design relationship.

To continue with the open space discourse, the different offices of the teams are delimited by wooden lattices and unified finishes with the rest of the areas. These lattices mark a visual continuity with the intervention of the ceiling.

Soft Seating

Rest and disconnection area for employees. Carpets, elements with acoustic function and versatile furniture for all areas of the open space.

Outdoor area

Versatile outdoor furniture together with recreational elements such as ping-pong table and football board make this space an oasis inside the industrial building.

Each area can be customized according to its function, for example, using neons to decorate the dining and kitchen area. Including green in the interior will make the environment more welcoming while reinforcing the idea of ​​joining the exterior with the interior.
The color is also used as a tool to differentiate zones and create rhythm. The proposed ranges will bring freshness and help to create a younger and more energetic atmosphere.