Nine West Offices

Guadalajara, Mexico, 2016


Reform of the offices for the Nine West brand of shoes. The main objective of the proposal is to create a balance between the industrial aspect of the site and a warm and comfortable environment to work. To fulfill this objective, it is proposed:
The use of iron to maintain the dialogue with the industrial character. Use the plants profusely to create a lively, organic and warm environment.

The green of the plants serves as a vehicle to create the color palette. Natural wood is used to create a more natural and friendly environment.
The wood is combined with marble details and copper metallic coatings to provide sophistication.

Brand reference applied to space

At the reception, plywood boards with the representation of a part of the Manhattan blueprint are proposed. The 9 west of 57th Street is highlighted with a lighting effect and is a nod to the origin of the brand. It is possible to give an interesting visual effect and it is also allusive to an urban and cosmopolitan concept.

Exhibition area

The space is composed of a flexible furniture system. We consider it important to be able to modify this area according to needs, so a low marble platform with supported furniture-containers is proposed. You can thus, not only expose the product, but also test exhibitors or items that can be applied to the store.
This composition is accompanied on the left end of a piece of furniture with lower storage.