McCANN offices

Tender, Barcelona, 2017


Proposal for the complete remodeling and restyling of the McCann HQ in Barcelona, ​​specifically in the Planeta Building located on Avenida Diagonal.

Identity + House

Create a dynamic and open space that reflects both elements, both formally and in their distribution.

The angular facade of the building is geometrically represented in the ceiling with two systems of axes, some of which is parallel to the structure of the building. As it is a special element and in order to make the methods and timings of the installation efficient, it is proposed to keep the ceiling.


The basis of the implementation is to create a mostly open environment taking advantage of the views and natural lighting. For spaces that require delimitation, a system of glass modules with optical vinyl sheet is proposed in such a way that the passage of light is not obstructed in 100%. The columns of the building are used to act as "pivots" that articulate the furniture and the enclosures.

The conformation of a fluid and open work space refers to the implementation of the central "super island" of work stations, and the rest of functions placed perimetrally. The location of each zone allows you to have differentiated and direct access between the most social areas and those of work.

Formal proposal and materials

A wooden grid is created in certain quadrants of the ceiling that accompanies the existing geometry. A mirrored covering gives the sensation of double height and a visual game with the logo is created. The incorporation of vegetation in the interior reinforces the idea of ​​the exterior of the building.
The selection of materials has been made considering such qualities as durability, cleanliness and acoustic behavior. Wood with clear tonality to give luminosity without losing the natural character, acoustic panels made of natural fibers that also help to control humidity and temperature, vinyl fabric flooring, easy to install and clean, also with acoustic properties, perforated metal sheet, translucent glass with dynamic effect and polystyrene laminated mirror on the ceiling.

Lookout - Library

The design of the furniture takes advantage of the angles generated in the floor to create a dynamic set.
While the stand can be used as a space for dialogue, the creation of a "library" more conducive to the idea of ​​abstraction, allows having different areas dedicated to the generation of ideas that range from the most social to the most intimate.

Vertical enclosures

For the enclosures it is proposed to create compositions with texture, transparency and color with wooden panels, glass and metal modules. Some modularity has been made to make production and assembly more efficient.
To continue with the discourse of the open space, the different teams offices are delimited by wooden lattices and perforated metal sheets.

The color

The color is also used as a tool to differentiate zones and create rhythm. Color will bring freshness and help to create a younger and more energetic atmosphere. Each area can be customized according to its function, for example, using neons to decorate the dining room and kitchen area.