Ifema Madrid, 2018


The main formal objective of the proposal is to find an element that allows us to develop a language that links all the brands under the same "house". A repetitive element that creates a single environment, but at the same time, helps us to clearly identify each area of exposure.

In the distribution of each space the proportions and location of each brand established by the client have been maintained. Care has been taken to maintain a comfortable circulation and to invite an interior tour. The color also represents a tool to make each space more identifiable and is based on the branding of each brand. Construction walls are used to divide environments without creating enclosed spaces. They also have their function as vertical exhibitors and as logo holders to make brands visible from different angles.

Concepto, "la casa"

Vincularemos todas las marcas a un mismo concepto, "la casa", geométricamente el arco responde a esta necesidad, primero porque podría considerarse que, de una forma abstracta, representa la idea de cobijo y en segundo, está vinculado directamente a la imagen corporativa de holapet.