Mexico City, 2015


Based on the profile of the Foley woman, the aim is to create a discreet and sophisticated contemporary environment. The use of simple volumes and textures create a neutral scenario to highlight the product. Sobriety translates into the balance of the whole and the feeling of having free space without sacrificing sales space. To achieve this sensation, the height of the room is maximized, and lighting becomes one of the main tools when it comes to getting warmth in the environment.


Multifunctional lattice

It is vital to create elements that help us identify the brand in the different adaptations. To do this, a multifunctional lattice has been created. As a starting point, the most distinctive element of the name that is "o" has been used. The circle brings femininity to the whole. The circular sheet metal element is folded in half and placed in different directions on a grid.

The materials

The materials must reflect the qualities of the brand's product: visual quality and touch, must provide warmth to promote a comfortable sales experience.