Moritz Station

Barcelona, 2018


It is usual that interventions of this type have an excessively temporary image relegating the presence of the brand to the graphic application. We believe it is necessary to find a solution for a unit that works alone or as a group and that represents brand values ​​not only graphically but also formally.
To express the values ​​of the brand, we resort to two main vectors: the Moritz history and its quality. The two are related to each other and will help to enhance the differentiating character of the project. On one hand history refers to its origin, in this case "The Factory". It can also refer to "modernism" or "art nouveau" that inevitably brings us to another important aspect of the brand that is Barcelona. The quality can be represented with the cure of the detail and the inclusion of the artisanal work to the proposal.

Art and crafts

The arch and the curve represent the history, the city and the icon.
The occupation of artisan hands puts the value of the earth high, and natural fibers give warmth to the environment.


The result is a neutral modular unit that supports the brand that makes it easily combinable to different environments and situations.
The modules are groupable without the unit losing its personality.

Custom furniture

The proposed furniture can be of own production so that it is customized according to the brand. The mixture reinforces the idea of ​​informality, but without losing sight of the detail and the overall vision.