Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2020

Architecture, Interiors, Working on

Urban, architectural, interior, and branding development project on the Mexican coast.

For the development of this residential project, aspects beyond its function and aesthetics have been taken into account and it proposes a series of services and activities around a way of living closer to values ​​such as nature, awareness of place and belonging and, above all, balance.


But inspiration is also taken from one of the main symbols of the Huichol culture: El Ojo de Dios.

The Eye of God symbolizes the four cardinal points plus a fifth point that is the center, and, consequently, balance in all aspects. This concentric geometry is not only applied in architectural details but is also represented in the graphic identity of the development so that everything is linked.


This development is intended to create a relaxed environment that helps us reconnect with our sensitivity and traditions.

Inspiration is fueled by vernacular architecture, heavy earth walls, strong and outlined volumes, warm and handcrafted materials.