Por narices!

Itinerante, 2009


"I inhale intensely, close my eyes and smell ... the journey begins with more than 10,000 different records, as many odors as I can store and recover my sense of smell".
"Por Narices!" By La Caixa Foundation is an itinerant exhibition of about 200m2 that deals with the perception of smell. As itinerant, presented the challenge of creating a flexible, light and transportable case.


The inspiration was taken from the representation of the organic chemistry. As such, it aspired to form different "compounds", which linked, were producing a rhythm of dynamic growth and at the same time 'decomposable' without altering the rest.
It started from a five-sided polygon, altering its internal angles to create three different pieces, but keeping the five faces with almost the same size, so they could be joined together, with formations as diverse as you would like.